“That’s the way it is, it will get better”

Subjective well-being of unemployed beneficiaries of the guaranteed minimum benefit


  • Marijana Kletečki Radović
  • Ivana Tutić Grokša Sveučilište u Rijeci, Medicinski fakultet, Katedra za društvene i humanističke znanosti u medicini



Subjective well-being includes the perception of the current and future life situation. The current level of subjective well-being can be a predictor of health, productivity, income, quality of social relations, and even mortality. Unemployment is recognised as one of the life circumstances that reduce subjective well being the most in the long run. The conducted qualitative research aimed to gain insight into the subjective well-being of unemployed young adults who are beneficiaries of the guaranteed minimum benefit. The thematic analysis of the interviews provided data on the experience of the life situation and the perception of the participants’ future, and they are presented in this paper. In the concluding remarks, proposals for improving the practice were presented, with an emphasis on the social work approach and the public health approach.
Keywords: subjective well-being, unemployment, welfare, life situation, the image of the future, the role of the social work.