Conferences as a Tool for Interdisciplinary (Postgraduate) Learning in Bioethics


  • Alexander Chrysanthou University of Southampton
  • Emma Nottingham University of Winchester


In recent years, alongside the general advancement of bioethics in a range of professions, bioethics conferences, both at a national and international level, have developed and become increasingly popular. One challenge for those studying and researching bioethics is often to learn and engage with disciplines outside their own, for instance by learning new methodological approaches or theoretical frameworks. In this paper, the authors discuss the role of bioethics conferences which, it is argued, serve as an important tool for interdisciplinary learning and interaction in bioethics. Special reference is given to the Postgraduate Bioethics Conference, which the authors convened in 2014 and have since overseen, to demonstrate how such a conference can assist learning in bioethics.

Keywords: interdisciplinarity, bioethics conferences, postgraduate learning, integrative bioethics, conference organization