The actuality of thoughts of Fritz Jahr in bioethics education or why Fritz Jahr advocates character education


  • Nada Gosić


Th is title is set to achieve two goals. Firstly, to explain reasons and motives for character

education, secondly, to actualise the approach of Fritz Jahr in the conception of contents,

methodology of implementation and methods of evaluation in bioethics education of future

medical and health service providers. Th e realisation of the fi rst goal leads to an explanation

of institutional and non-institutional infl uence on the understanding of ethics and morality,

nature and methods of ethical decision-making and behaviour of students.

Th e second goal has the intention to show how pluralism of values, ideas, scientifi c and nonscientifi

c initiatives, as well as forms of ethical behaviour and application of ethical standards,

rules and principles – component parts of Jahr’s decorum - help students with critical consideration

and with their relationship to the profession they will practice in the future.